"Guitars For Humanity"

Guitars for Humanity is a project that will work. Your investment dollars will be used to change the life of a family. If you choose to become involved in this project, you will provide a vital position in the building of this project. Every step of the way, you will be involved and informed of its development, minimizing your investment risks. Your investment dollars used, to purchase one of the autographed guitars, will be returned back to you once the project has been completed, so you can invest back into your own humanitarian projects.  In the end, your cost into this project is Zero dollars, you gain a guitar, in which you may sell, for a profit, investing into your own humanitarian efforts, while at the same time, you are providing a family with the stability of a better life.  This project is a win, win situation for all people involved.  

Letter from Shon Ashby/President

This section of our website is to be designated in providing information on our humanitarian initiative, “Guitars for Humanity”. We will also try to high light and focus on the many humanitarian efforts that are taking place within the United States and throughout the world.

All philanthropy starts with an idea or a need. In most cases, that idea or need focuses on a social issue that may be causing a harmful effect towards individuals within a society. Those harmful effects could be poverty, disease, hunger, education, homelessness, just to name a few. It is the goal of a philanthropist or humanitarian to come up with inventive ideas, that can remove these harmful barriers in our society, in so, that an individual can live a healthy and productive life.

Money alone cannot remove these harmful barriers that plague our society. Money is but only a tool, which allows an inventive idea to grow and produce an end result that can benefit individuals within a society.  Money is to an idea, like, water is to a seed. If a seed is planted in soil, it can only grow if water is provided. When water is given to a seed, the seed begins to grow and eventually the seed flourishes into a plant, which at that point can produce its ending result or provide its purpose to humanity.

When money is used correctly, it can contribute to the growth of an inventive idea, in so, that the inventive idea becomes prosperous to society.

Humans so many times, try to fix society’s ills, by throwing money at a problem. This becomes only a temporary fix to the social issue they are trying to fix.  It is inventive ideas that are the true cure to society’s ills. Like all ideas, or even a seed, it must first be nurtured, then in time; it can become a sustainable and self-sufficient solution to a problem.

Our “Guitars for Humanity” initiative is an inventive idea that needs the nurturing of a few great philanthropists or humanitarians. Our “Guitars for Humanity” initiative is an inventive idea that will work and it will bring real change to the lives of needy families.

Though our initiative has a primary goal, I know it has to be an initiative that benefits everyone that is involved. As you learn more about or “Guitars for Humanity” initiative, you can see how it can benefit your own organization, while still holding to the values of helping a needy family.