The Worlds Most Expensive Guitar

The worlds most expensive guitar was auctioned in Doha, Qatar on November 16th, 2005. The Strat was signed by19-Rock Artists, including Brian Adams who initiated the project. The project became known as; "Reach Out To Asia", an idea to raise funds to help the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster. The music world came together to help aid the massive disaster that affected millions.

"Guitars for Humanity"

I wanted to share this information, on the world’s most expensive guitar. Just in case there are those people, who may think my asking price on our guitars is too high.

Just for a minute, think about the cost or true value of the guitar alone. Even if the cost to the Fender Company was anywhere near $15,000.00 to $25,000.00, which I seriously doubt, the amount the signatures alone brought, was astronomical. Another question one could pose, was the signatures on the guitar even worth that much?

It is not that the above guitar is worth 2.7-million, rather, what was of value, was the humanitarian effort, or the humanitarian idea that was to be achieved, in this case, it was an effort to help flood victims.  In the end, it was the humanitarian effort that brought value to the 2.7 million dollar Fender Guitar.  

We also are starting a humanitarian venture, which we are calling, “Guitars for Humanity”. The project will entail the selling of “five” autographed acoustic guitars, which will have an end result of helping needy U.S. families.  To learn more about the details of our project, just click on the link above. 

Our goal in this project, is not to simply raise capital, rather, our goal is to find 3 or 4 true great humanitarians across the United States, who hold a true heart in helping families. 

I will be open and honest, life has taught me many things and the one I have realized the most, “is that,  it is not about how wealthy you are or the great possessions that one can amass, rather, how you use that wealth”.  In the end, we are all the same. Possessions do not impress God, nor do they impress me. When we stand before God, he will not look at our possessions, rather, what we have done with those possessions. 

This project is ongoing, until achieved: “Guitars for Humanity”


Shon Ashby
Silver Star Enterprises
New York, NY.


You Will Be Able to View our Humanity Project:

GUITARS FOR HUMANITY, We are still working on the details.

Sold: $2.7 Million

Pictured is Brian Adams, who coordinated the, "Reach Out To Asia" charity campaign.


This guitar was initially taken by the Qatari royal family for $1 Million and later donated back to the Asia Program, bringing in 2.7 Million USD at the most recent auction. Technically, this guitar has generated a total of $3.7 Million USD.  for charity.

Artists That Signed The 2.7 Million Strat

- Jimmy Page
- Eric Clapton
- Mick Jagger
- Brian May
- Liam Gallagher
- Jeff Beck
- Pete Townshend
- Ray Davies
- David Gilmour
- Bryan Adams
- Tony Iommi
- Mark Knopfler
- Angus Young
- Malcolm Young
- Keith Richards
- Ronnie Wood
- Paul McCartney
- Sting
- Noel Gallagher

Calculating the Value of a Signature

Above is a list of all the artists that signed the 2.7-million dollar Fender Guitar, a total of nineteen artists.

If we calculate the signatures, by the amount that the guitar brought at auction, that would equivocate around $143,000.00 that each signature is worth.

It is only fair, that we place the equivalent worth of an artist signature to the guitars we are listing within our humanitarian project:  “Guitars for Humanity”.

Artist to Artist, if we compare the artists that signed the 2.7 Million Fender, to the artists that have signed the guitars within our own humanitarian project, Grammy Artist to Grammy Artist, they all have achieved an equivalent amount of success in their lives.  Perhaps the only difference may be found, somewhat, in record sales. I doubt that is much of a difference amongst these artists. 

Again, the only significance is that a humanitarian believed in a cause. The cause or action is what brings the value to any artist memorabilia.